Alwayse Ball Transfer Units: Moving Live Entertainment

By Alwayse Ball Unit Solutions
schedule13th Jan 20

So, you want to improve and simplify stage changeover times at a global pop festival?  

Think Alwayse.

Pinkpop is an annual three-day festival in the Netherlands with up to 60,000 people attending each day over its three days - more than 2 million people have attended Pinkpop since it began back in 1970. Some 700 music acts, including some of the biggest names in the world, have played at the festival so it’s important that the stage changeovers runs smoothly...

Alwayse Ball Transfer Units are used as part of the stage management system at the Pinkpop festival to improve speeds for band changeovers - this allows acts (especially headline) to bring larger, more exciting stage shows to festivals due to the modular panels of which can run on any standard stage floor, are moved using standard rigging motors and are easy to handle and quick to install.

The stage moving rig was constructed of High-Density Polyethylene panels, which each had 20 Stainless Steel Ball Transfer Units - giving a weight working load of 850kg per panel. The stage set for Justin Beiber comprised 240 panels - 231 sq mtrs - 4,800 units!

The stage was 9.5 tonnes, which was moved forward 7m in 2 minutes - locating accurately into a pre-fixed position.

The unit specified was the ALWAYSE 1035-15 = All Stainless steel flange fixing unit

ALWAYSE Flange Fixing Ball Units

The units allow the artists set to be completely moved before and after the performance…. If it is a headline artist then they have a unique and large set compared to other artists this why they need to be able to move it into position and then back out of the way again for the other “smaller” artists to perform.

Our Ball Transfer Units are designed to be used as part of a larger materials handling system, guaranteeing loads can be moved smoothly, precisely, and in any direction. 

Does your business need to:

> Improve overall productivity and reduce costs?

> Reduce reliance on expensive cranes and hoists?

> Improve Material Flow processes? 

> Improve Lean Manufacturing? 

> Reduce Health and Safety risks?

> Move heavy and cumbersome objects?

> Minimise the reliability on external power sources


...If the answer to any of the above is yes, contact our sales and technical advice team now - click here.

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