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As a business owner or a team leader, you'll be more than aware of the phone call to alert you to staff illness or worse, injury - leaving you having to rearrange staff rotas and to find resource cover where you simply may not have it, Alwayse Movement Solutions can not only increase efficiency and Improve lean manufacturing across your business but can help to reduce downtime with workplace injuries that are more common in the Material Handling and Assembly Line Industries. 

Alwayse Ball Transfer Units provide the ideal Material Handling solution when loads need to be moved smoothly, precisely, and in any direction with minimum physical effort.

A recent European survey of enterprises identified that more than 59% of working establishments still have a recognised risk from lifting/moving.



According to the Federal Bureau of Labour Statistics, the back injuries of more than 1 million workers account for nearly 20 percent of all injuries and illnesses in the workplace. Only the common cold accounts for more lost days of work.


Our material handling solutions can help to:

Reduce staff fatigue
Reduce the risk of injury
Reduce and remove the unnecessary physical force
Improve health and safety in the workplace
Improve flow and assembly times

We work across all industries and work in partnership with you and our customer support team to ensure your project is delivered on budget, to specification and on time.

We are certified to the globally recognised ISO 9001 standard and can offer full technical support all the way through your projects so you can rest assured knowing that your Material Handling Solutions are in capable hands.


...If you'd like to discuss improving your staff health and safety, contact our sales and technical advice team now - click here.

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