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schedule8th Sep 22

Alwayse are globally recognised as the leading Ball Transfer Unit brand in the world, exporting to over 60 countries.  For over 80 years, we have been designing and manufacturing innovative movement solutions for virtually every application imaginable.


An essential part of innovation is the development of fresh talent. At Alwayse we employ 5 apprentices, or 15% of our current workforce:


From Left to Right:


Callum T  –  CNC Setter/Operator - Now completed his apprenticeship (In-Comm)


Alfie B – Fabrication Apprentice - Year 2 (In-Comm)


Luke J – Engineering Apprentice - Year 1 – Engineering School for first 12 months of Apprenticeship (In-Comm)


Zach B – Engineering Apprentice - Year 1 – Engineering School for first 12 months OF Apprenticeship (In-Comm)


Jake W – Finance Apprentice - Year 1 – (Kaplan)


Alwayse is a modern, ideas-driven business focused on providing our customers with smart solutions, no matter how challenging or unique their requirements. Through our partnership with leading apprenticeship providers, we will be able to do so for the next 80 years and beyond. 

Apprenticeship Schemes


In-Comm is one of the UK’s leading providers of training and business services, working across more than 10 sectors and with 250 different companies. Visit their website.


Kaplan is one of the leading education providers in the world. Founded in 1938, they’ve helped shape the development and careers of over 3 million finance professionals across the globe. Visit their website.



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