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By Alwayse Ball Unit Solutions
schedule13th Oct 22

The Government have announced a new Energy Bill Relief Scheme, which they’ve promised:

“will provide a discount on wholesale gas and electricity prices for all non-domestic customers (including all UK businesses, the voluntary sector like charities and the public sector such as schools and hospitals) whose current gas and electricity prices have been significantly inflated in light of global energy prices.” - From a press release on GOV.UK


Despite the welcome news, energy bills are still thought to increase up to 400% in the case of some businesses. Seeking innovative ways and means to keep energy prices down will be the goal of every UK business going forward.


Luckily, Alwayse go further when it comes to developing innovative movement solutions for our customers.


Alwayse products don’t require an energy source to operate, giving them a major environmental advantage above powered conveyors and similar alternative products. That reduces their carbon footprint and your energy consumption. And you’ll only need to buy an Alwayse unit once.


To sum up, Alwayse products:

  • Don’t require an energy source to operate
  • Produce a much lower carbon footprint
  • Are better for the environment
  • And better for your energy bill


That sounds like a smart choice. Visit the Alwayse website at: to make the most of our technical knowledge. There’s a better way to move materials.   |   Made in the Midlands Microsite   |   [email protected]   | LinkedIn


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